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Lead Pipe Renewal and Drain Repairs for All Installations

If your property was constructed before 1970, you may have lead pipework in place for water distribution and waste products. Other materials used in older buildings include cast iron and copper. Most drainage systems now constructed throughout the UK are PVC as the material offers many advantages. 

Our civils contractors at GCB Utilities can replace outdated and potentially dangerous pipework by impact moling, a reliable trenchless construction service. Our team specialists in lead pipe renewal and water pipe renewal. We also carry out directional drilling, leak detection, drain clearance, new pipe fitting, water pipe replacements and drain repair services for residential and commercial clients in Leeds.


Outdated Plumbing Materials Explained

Lead Pipes

As they've been widely discussed, you probably know the dangers lead pipes can cause. Originally considered ideal for water transportation due to its anti-rust benefits, the material itself poses a health risk. Lead poisoning is particularly detrimental to young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. This is why our lead pipe renewal service doesn’t include replacing old lead pipes.

Cast Iron

Although still used as a utility installation material up to the 1980s in the UK, unlined cast iron is not water-resistant but prone to corrosion over time, and the pipework requires regular investigation for leak prevention purposes. The manufacturing process wasn’t always reliable, with weak joints and variations in wall thickness. We offer a water pipe renewal service to ensure pipes function optimally.


Mostly used for heating installations, under-sink copper pipes are still discovered by our service providers at properties throughout Leeds. Whilst lead-free, copper is also susceptible to corrosion with a rapidly reduced lifespan. The material is linked with high toxicity and a deterioration in brain function if one is exposed to extreme levels.

As our civils contractors at GCB Utilities will agree, copper piping is expensive compared to modern PVC alternatives. 


This modern alternative to the above materials offers several advantages, such as durability and a reliable resistance to bacteria, chemicals, hard water, and gas. It’s also lead- and BPA-free. We use PVC materials during directional drilling, impact moling, and drain repair services in Leeds and Yorkshire. We also offer leak detection and prevention services.

If you’re unsure what types of pipes are installed at your home or commercial premises, call our civils contractors for advice. We can carry out a thorough inspection of your water and drainage systems and discuss your options should you wish to upgrade.


Utility Installations in Yorkshire

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