Lead Pipe Renewal in Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and All Surrounding Areas

Many properties in Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and across the UK still have lead pipes and a replacement is highly recommended. The GCB Utilities team manages flawless lead pipe renewals to enhance the safety and efficiency of properties. New pipe fittings can increase the flow and water pressure in buildings and improve water quality. They can also enhance the reliability of your pipework. Our civils contractors cover all aspects of renewing pipes, including lead pipe location, old pipe removals and safe, minimally intrusive new installations. We also manage water pipe renewals of other materials.


How Do I Know if I Have Lead Pipes?

Inside Your Property

Checking the pipe leading to the internal stop valve in your home will help you establish if you have lead pipes. This piping is typically behind kitchen cupboards, under the kitchen sink or in the cupboard under the stairs. You can also call our civils contractors, and we will efficiently locate and identify your pipes.

Outside Your Home

You can inspect the pipe running towards your property by opening the flat of the external stop valve. If you have determined that your pipes are lead, lead pipe renewal is recommended.

There are some key indicators that will help you establish if your pipes are lead. These include:

  • Colour – Lead pipes are typically a grey colour if unpainted.

  • Joints – The lead joints are swollen and rounded where two pipes meet.

  • Gentle Scratching – Lead pipes will reveal a shiny silver metal when scratched.

  • Tapping Pipes With Metal – Lead will make a dull thud instead of a clear ring.


Comprehensive Renewals

We will replace both mains and secondary pipes in houses but we can’t renew pipes beyond your boundaries. Please note that we do not replace your lead pipes with lead because it is banned. We will replace them with another product of your choice. Our team is happy to advise on all available options.

We offer a comprehensive renewal service to ensure every element functions optimally. Our civils contractors cover:

  • Lead Pipe Location—No matter where the pipes are on your property, we know the best methods and equipment to locate them successfully.

  • Old Pipe Removal – Once located, we carefully remove the old pipe with minimal disruption to you and your property.

  • New Pipe Fitting – We measure the new pipe, cut it to size and safely attach it. We also cover copper, faux and plastic U-bends if needed.

  • Final Checks – Once we seal the new pipe, our team checks there are no leaks and that the installation is completely watertight before we leave.

The GCB Utilities team offer two-year workmanship guarantees on the lead pipe renewal service we offer in Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

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