Civils Contractor in Wakefield
Impact Moling and Directional Drilling - Could You Work in This Industry?

At GCB Utilities, we offer a range of services designed to enhance the functionality of properties throughout Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire areas. These include utility installation, fitting new pipes, lead pipe location, trenchless installation, directional drilling and impact moling. We also specialise in lead pipe renewal, water pipe renewal, drain inspections, drain repairs, leak investigation, and leak detection.

Our clients include both homeowners and commercial property owners, and we are available to carry out our services nationwide if required. 


Do You Want To Be a Utility Contractor? 

Is this the career for you? There are many advantages associated with working as civils contractors, which we discuss below:


Every project is unique, with different achievements and challenges. This brings a level of interest to the job that not every career can provide so, if you’re looking for work that’s never monotonous, then civils or other aspects of the construction industry might be perfect for you.


Our services are available in Wakefield and throughout Yorkshire, but we can travel nationwide. You never know where your next job will be. You could be in the heart of the city one week and working in a quiet, rural location the next. This guarantees variety that will continue throughout your career as a civils contractor. From water pipe renewal and lead pipe renewal to expert drilling and problem location, our projects take us everywhere.


Is a desk job definitely not the one for you? Our work is highly physical, and we use a variety of heavy-duty machinery when carrying out our leak detection, drain repair, pipework installation, directional drilling, and impact moling services. Our work is mostly outdoors, so you must be prepared to work in all weathers.


A successful career in a company like GCB Utilities offers many possibilities. As you develop skills and industry knowledge, you’ll be more capable of dealing with the interesting and rewarding challenges this area presents. You can have the opportunity to play a vital role in the development of infrastructures in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and the UK. 

So, do you have what it takes? 


Call our team for any of the following services or if you think working in our industry might be for you. We’re happy to offer advice and help you take that first step towards a rewarding career.

  • Domestic Water Services

  • Commercial Water Services

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Impact Moling

  • Trenchless Installations

  • Geotechnical Reporting

  • New Drainage Installation

  • Drain Repair Services

  • Drain Inspections

  • Fitting New Pipes

  • New Water Supply

  • Water Pipe Renewal

  • Water Pipe Repairs

  • Water Pipe Replacement

  • Underground Pipework Installation

  • Underground Ducting

  • Leak Investigation Services

  • Leak Detection and Repairs

  • Lead Pipe Location

  • Lead Pipe Renewal

  • Sump Pump Installation

  • Cesspit Installation

  • Septic Tank Installation

  • Utility Installation Services

  • Environmentally Friendly Services

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