Leak Detection in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield
and the Surrounding Areas

Our water and civils contractors at GCB Utilities are committed to providing services that offer cost-effective benefits to domestic and commercial clients throughout the areas we cover. As our testimonials will show, the property investigations completed by our team guarantee swift leak detections and preventative measures, with efficient and reliable leak repairs and material replacements where necessary. 

If you’re based in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield or the wider Yorkshire areas, please contact us at your convenience for competitive rates and an efficient service.


Do You Need Our Leak Investigation Services?

Have you noticed any of the following occurring at your property? If so, you may have a water leak within the pipework, which our water contractors can investigate.

Signs of Damp or Excess Moisture

This is the most common sign that something is amiss. You may see water stains on the walls, ceilings, or floors. In some cases, peeling paint or wallpaper indicates significant water ingress, which you will need to address urgently. 

Soft spots on the floors and walls are also signs that water damage has already occurred and affected part of your property’s structural integrity. If so, please call our civils contractors at GCB Utilities for urgent leak repairs.

Low Water Pressure

Although this can occur occasionally due to outside factors, constant low pressure could indicate a leak somewhere within the pipework. The excess water could affect your Yorkshire property’s foundations if not addressed promptly.


Musty Smells Around the Property

The smell of dampness is usually evident in properties that have been left empty for some time. However, if this is not the case with your home or premises, then we advise you to have the situation investigated by our leak detection team.

Running Water Sounds

If you’re sure all taps are turned off, yet you can still hear the sound of running water – usually behind a ceiling or the walls – this is a positive sign that a leak has occurred and requires urgent attention to avoid property damage.

Utility Bill Increases

Naturally, rates will change over time, but you need to investigate if you’ve noticed a dramatic hike in your property’s overheads. Damp and cold, caused by leaks, will lead to higher compensatory heating bills, for example.

How We Can Help

Occasionally, our leak detection services can be straightforward, with the source of the problem swiftly recognised using a listening stick. This isn’t always the case but, no matter how long it takes, our civils contractors will utilise various options to locate the source and conduct further investigations and subsequent leak repairs.

All services provided by our leak prevention experts for clients in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield and the surrounding areas are accompanied by detailed reports and reliable recommendations.

Covering Yorkshire, our water contractors at GCB Utilities are WIAPS-trained, hold EUSR Water Hygiene certificates, and are Streetworks-accredited for working in public areas. 

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