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Our work covers installations for various essential utilities, such as chemical, communication, drainage, electrical, gas, and water services. We take responsibility for the secure placement of pipework under residential and commercial properties, roads, and public areas throughout Yorkshire and the wider UK. If you’re looking for a reliable civils contractor with a wealth of experience and an established industry name, please contact us at GCB Utilities. 

As a professional service provider, we’re a leading name in Sheffield for lead pipe renewal, water pipe renewal, impact moling, trenchless installations, directional drilling, leak detection, leak repairs, drain inspections, and drain repairs. We can also prepare geotechnical reports for our growing number of clients and manage water pipe replacement and lead pipe location.


Directional Drilling

This allows us to drill into the earth at an angle, enabling access to underground locations that vertical drilling can’t complete. Directional drilling reduces surface disruption and enables our civils contractors to complete utility installations competently. This effective method exemplifies how the construction industry has developed ingenious ways to overcome challenging obstacles.


Impact Moling

This trenchless construction technique punches through the earth to create a small underground tunnel suitable for installing utility pipework. Our services are cost-effective for our Sheffield-based clients as they negate the need to dig up large quantities of earth throughout a property. As most of the surface is left intact, impact moling is also an environmentally friendly service as fewer groundworks are required.

Leak Detection

We aim to discover the source and initial cause of leaks in underground pipework to ensure they are sufficiently dealt with before they become major issues. Our utility contractors use the latest equipment for leak detection work to rapidly discover the problem and advise our clients on the best course of action. If ignored, leaks can cause considerable damage to properties, including a decrease in structural integrity. We can locate leaks during water pipe renewal and lead pipe renewal jobs.

Drain Repairs

Drain repairs keep the vital flow of water moving smoothly. Through various techniques like snaking, hydro-jetting, or relining, our civils contractors and drain repair specialists help prevent backups, promote healthy environments through the distribution of clean water systems, and ensure the smooth flow of essential waste disposal. Don’t leave things to get backed up; call us today if your drains are blocked or damaged.

Service Providers in Yorkshire

With over a century of experience between our team at GCB Utilities, we’re the company to call for the following services in Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire:

  • Domestic Water Services

  • Commercial Water Services

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Impact Moling

  • Trenchless Installations

  • Geotechnical Reporting

  • Drain Inspections

  • New Drainage Installation

  • Drain Repair Services

  • New Water Supply

  • Water Pipe Renewal

  • Water Pipe Repairs

  • Water Pipe Replacement

  • Underground Pipe Installation

  • Underground Ducting

  • Leak Detection

  • Leak Repairs

  • Lead Pipe Renewal

  • Lead Pipe Loction

  • Sump Pump Installation

  • Cesspit Installation

  • Septic Tank Installation

  • Utilities Installation Services

  • Environmentally Friendly Services

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