Directional Drilling in Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds
and the Surrounding Areas

In addition to our various utility installations and service provision works in Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, and the surrounding areas we cover across Yorkshire, our civils contractors at GCB Utilities conduct directional drilling and provide geotechnical reports for residential and commercial clients. As our website gallery will show, this horizontal drilling method offers minimal disruption to existing surfaces and is an entirely environmentally friendly process. 


What is Directional Drilling?

Trenchless horizontal directional drilling is ideal for installing cables, water mains, pumped sewer lines, data cables, and other essential utilities under existing properties, roads, public areas, waterways, and environmental or protected areas. The process is also carried out where working above ground may be considered too costly. 

The practice of directional drilling commences with the detailed planning of the project and the establishment of entry and exit points. A pilot hole is then drilled, guided by highly sophisticated equipment operated by our experienced and highly trained civils contractors. We also maintain real-time reports regarding direction and depth, for example, to allow for adjustments as the drilling continues.

When the pilot hole has been completed, the bore is widened accordingly to accommodate the relevant pipework or ducting. The process is thorough and precise, with the final installations completed with minimal effect above ground. 


The Advantages

If you are looking for an effective way to install utilities without surface interruption, our civils contractors at GCB Utilities can offer the following benefits:

  • Pipework can be inserted in straight or curved lines without affecting existing utility installations

  • These installations can be of varying lengths to suit your project’s requirements

  • We guarantee no traffic, rail, or waterway disruptions during our horizontal drilling process

  • Properties, vegetation, and transportation routes will remain unaffected

  • Directional drilling is an entirely environmentally friendly process

Geotechnical Reports

These reports are crucial documents which summarise the health of a construction site's subsurface. They include rock and soil analyses and groundwater conditions, highlighting potential challenges and outlining safe construction practices. They are essential for safely and effectively completing directional drilling services and other works carried out below ground.

As with all services our civils contractors provide at GCB Utilities, our reports are thorough and completed to the highest professional standards. With over a century of experience shared between our team, we understand the importance of reliable work and the importance of minimal environmental impact.

Call us in Barnsley today for further information about our horizontal drilling work in Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, and the surrounding areas we cover in Yorkshire. A two-year workmanship guarantee also accompanies all services completed. 

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