Impact Moling in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield
and the Surrounding Areas

Also known as directional moling or trenchless construction, impact moling is a valuable tool for installing underground utilities such as electrical cabling, gas and water pipelines, and telecommunication systems. Unlike traditional trenching methods, it creates horizontal channels beneath surfaces, eliminating the need for extensive open excavation. 

The process offers several advantages and guarantees a fast solution that minimises disruption whilst maximising the efficiency of your project in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield or the surrounding areas covered by our civils contractors at GCB Utilities.

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The Benefits of Trenchless Construction

Impact moling offers a valuable pipework and utility installation tool without surface disruption. Its simplicity makes it a preferred solution in many situations.

  • No need to dig up roads, access routes, or public areas

  • The only visible excavations are at the entry and exit points

  • Surrounding property won’t be at risk of damage from surface work

  • Less soil disturbance means less harm to existing ecosystems

  • Reduced dust and noise pollution during the course of your project

  • This method is recommended for soft clay areas

  • Directional moling often results in faster completion times

  • The process can also reduce timescales and project outgoings


As one of the original and simplest trenchless technologies, impact moling makes underground utility installation straightforward, especially with proper project preparation and site assessments. Call GCB Utilities today for:

  • Data cabling and utility pipework installations

  • Trenchless installations under access routes

How It Works

Impact moling requires a percussive mole launched from a small entry point. The mole hammers through the subsurface and creates a bore along its route. Once established, the relevant utility pipe, ducting, or cable is pulled behind the mole or inserted from the exit point and positioned as the mole reverses.

Another environmentally friendly construction method for use in a wide range of projects throughout Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield and the surrounding areas, our directional moling service is available to residential and commercial clients looking for fast results with cost-effective advantages. 

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